Why Retail Managers Make Perfect Beachbody Coaches!


1. Retail managers LOVE people! They work with the public every day, so they have to like people.

2. Retail managers can sell. They have been trained to sling products and to build a solid clientele.

3. Retail managers have a lot of contacts. Retail managers know EVERYBODY in the mall or shopping center, and they see these people daily.

4. Retail managers are used to training new staff members on a daily basis, as well as providing ongoing mentoring and evaluation.

5. Retail managers know how to build a team; they recruit people who have the skills they need, or that they themselves don’t have.

6. Retail managers are always on the lookout for the best and brightest in their networks! They are connectors, connecting the right people with the right opportunities.

7. Retail managers can recognize that character is more important than skill. Skill can always be trained.

8. Retail managers know how to delegate. They realize that even if they want to do everything themselves, it won’t help them and it won’t help their team to not delegate.

9. Retail managers have learned how to wear many hats. They are used to being the sales person, the manager, the janitor, the cheerleader, the boss, and the host of the party, each day!

10. Retail managers know how to remain calm in a challenging situation, while still maintaining their composure and professionalism.




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