Shine Bright Like a Diamond…

So, I hit a HUGE milestone in my Beachbody business last week!

I’m officially a Diamond Coach!


This just means that I’m taking this business seriously, and I have helped a LOT of people. I have also inspired people to follow me and trust me enough to become a part of my team!

I am always looking for people who want to join my team!

I can teach you how to be successful and turn this “hobby” of helping people get healthy into a full-time income.

It really is not difficult. I will mentor you and show you exactly what I’ve done to obtain success.

If you are wondering if you have what it takes in this business, apply now!

It’s so easy to fall off the wagon!

I was out of town over the holiday weekend for a wedding.

4 days out of town, and I fell off the wagon!

It is so easy to be lazy on vacation and not work out.

It’s even easier to¬†throw your meal plan out the window¬†and just eat whatever you feel like eating!

I only had 1 shakeology while away and I actually caught a cold while we were there… coincidence??? I think not.

Yes, I’m a coach, but I make mistakes too.


The important thing is that I got back in the swing of things once we got home and got my workout in, and cleaned up the eating habits.

I’m feeling better already!