Shakeology has ALL of these super food ingredients in it! Pretty cool, huh?


So, the first time I tried Shakeology, I thought it was horrible!!! I only mixed 1 packet of Strawberry with some water, shook it up, and couldn’t believe how gritty and plain it was. I was thinking, HOW do people drink this every day?!?! Yeah… it obviously has a ton of vitamins in it, I tasted like I crushed up a bottle of vitamins and drank it!

The NEXT few times I tried it, I worked on adding some other ingredients such as fruit, almond milk, ice, etc and that has made all the difference, as well as USING A BLENDER, and blending for close to a minute! I like for it to be really creamy and there are tons of amazing recipes out there to try! Chocolate is my fave stand alone flavor! I like chocolate with just water, ice and a little almond milk.. YUM!

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My FAVORITE Shakeology Recipe

1 packet vanilla shakeology

1 handful of blueberries

2-3 strawberries

4 oz. almond milk

6 oz. water

4 ice cubes

Blend for 1 minute

=YUMM-  Tastes like cake batter! I’m not kidding!!

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