Holiday Challenge Time!

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It is typical to gain 2-10 lbs during the holiday season. Why do you think everyone’s New Year’s Resolution is to work out, get healthy, join a gym, etc.?

The Holiday season is usually reserved for big family dinners, wine, holiday cookies, parties, and hiding under your ugly Christmas sweater when those few extra pounds start to stick.

…. Enters my challenge! I have the perfect program for you to get on track NOW. You can lose up to 15 lbs by December 1, stay on the plan until the new year, and still enjoy your Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, as well as a few holiday parties!  Everybody wins here, especially YOU. You will already be in shape, ROCKING that New Year’s Eve dress, when those around you are feeling stuffed into their clothes and getting ready to sign up at the local gym on Jan 1.

With this challenge, you will learn correct foods to put into your body, and the correct portion size of those foods! You will learn what to cut out of your diet, and still be able to enjoy that occasional glass of wine without sabotaging your results. We will also learn how to ENJOY Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, while sticking to your plan and not gaining a pound.

I can’t wait to tell you more about this Challenge and I hope you’ll join my exclusive, private support group!

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The Secret To Success


I am quickly discovering that consistency is the secret to success. In ALL areas of life!


When I feel like giving up on my business, I know that I have to keep going! I have people who are depending on me.

My family is depending on me to make this a lifestyle and to achieve success.

My customers and challengers depend on me to be there for them!


They are watching me to see if I’m working out every day. Am I really drinking this Shakeology stuff I keep talking about, or am I at the McDonald’s drive-thru? Do I practice what I preach?

Can I really make any money doing this “Beachbody thing”?



The answer is YES! Consistency is the name of the game! Slow and STEADY wins the race.

I want to pay it forward and work to “end the trend” of obesity in the US. I can encourage others to be healthy and live longer.

Doing those things I know will work, day after day, week after week, will propel me to the end result I desire.


I would love to talk to anyone who wants to make a healthy choice and start a successful business!